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Birch sugar – Natur at its best

Birch sugar was discovered at the end of the 19th century. It became popular during World War II when it was used as a sugar substitute in Scandinavia because of the sugar shortage.

Birch sugar is a sweetener made from natural vegetable raw materials. It looks, tastes and sweetens just like sugar. Numerous studies have proven its positive properties for teeth and gums. (Source) and it has virtually no after-taste. Birch sugar is a naturally occurring alcohol found in most plant materials, including many fruits and vegetables. We use organic birch sugar which is made of plant fibers from organically grown corn.

Birch sugar naturally occurs not only in birch and beech bark, but also in many fruits and vegetables. The human body synthesizes daily about 10 grams of this substance in the liver.

Why did we choose brich sugar for our products?

  • It has hardly any effects on the blood sugar level
  • Glycaemic index of birch sugar is 11 (compared to sugar: 70) 
  • It metabolizes almost without insulin 
  • It is naturally sugar-free 
  • It contains 40% fewer calories than sugar 
  • It promotes digestion 
  • It prevents the formation of dental plaque and tartar
  • Caries and periodontitis bacteria cannot feed on birch sugar 
  • Birch sugar is anti-bacterial while also helping make the harmful bacteria disappear and over time, the pockets that you’ve developed in your gum line will heal and recede to their normal condition
  • It contributes to the remineralization of teeth and thus to dental health. 

And finally, birch sugar is made of 100% organic maize GM-free. Ee use organic birch sugar for all our products, made from pure organically grown maize. The cultivation, as well as the harvest of the valuable raw material, takes place very carefully. The certified organic maize is guaranteed GMO-free. And, no genetically modified material is used during the entire production process of the organic birch sugar. 

Although birch sugar has many benefits for humans, it is toxic for pets. Similarly to many other foods like chocolate, garlic, onions, etc.  birch sugar is not suitable for dogs or any other pet as they metabolize it differently than humans.